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Welcome to
My World!

My name is Elle
, and
I’ve been drawing for
about 19 years or so.
I was sitting in church
service one day, and
out of the clear blue, I
began drawing the
people at church.

Although I love to
draw a wide variety
of scenes, I especially
enjoy doing artwork
that revolves around
meaningful, spiritual
drawings. Like my
mother would say,

“pictures that mean

Most of my focus has
been on church
scenes, especially
those involving praise,
worship, and peaceful
scenes, such as
angels. I’ve decided to
make oil and/or
acrylic paintings out of
my drawings, so that I
can touch the world
with the gift that the
Lord has given me.

I’ve done drawings
and banners for the
church, and have had
personal requests for

Some paintings are
expressive, while
others are abstract.
Many of the paintings
are centered around
African American
culture, memories,
and reflections. These
works of art are
inspiring, even to me.

When I stand back
and look at these
works of art when
they are completed, I
Strength and Hope .


Psalm 132:3-5

Surely I will not
come into
the tabernacle of
my house, nor go
up into
my bed;

I will not give sleep
to mine eyes,
slumber to mine

Until I find out a
place for the LORD,
an habitation for the
mighty God of
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Expressions of Black Art by Elle Stringfellow

The prints on this website are copies of paintings that were created and painted by Elle Stringfellow.  If you wish to have an original painting by Elle, please
contact her at
Purple Dress Angel
Angel Boy
Two Peace Angels
Held by Wings
Purple Peace Angel
Angels with Gifts
Just Wash My Hair & Can't Do a Thing With It
A Praying Mama
Red Flower Angel
Light-Skinned Angel
God Bless America Girl
God Bless America Boy
Angel in the Mirror
For God So Loved The World
MLK praying over President Obama
Angel Choir
Friend Angel
Youth Baptism
A Mother's Prayer
Stringing Tobacco
Little Girls Waiting
Angels, Angels, Angels
Suffer Little Children
Flowers For You Angel
Children's Altar Prayer
Pray for Our Children
An Angel's Prayer
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